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Dark twins

29 Dec
screaming woman

scream with me

My real blog is somewhere else. This blog is its dark twin.

I have been so blocked with all my writing. All the blogging, all the stories, all the diaries and confessionals. Blocked. Plugged up.

By what?

Unsaid things. Unsayable things. Words I dare not write in my own name, all sticking in my fingers unwritten and untyped, blocked all the way down to my elbows so no matter how many synapses fire in my brain the signal cannot get through until the unsayable has been said, the unwritable has been written. 

I am going to be aggressively anonymous here, among other aggressive things. Aggressively blunt. Aggressively outrageous. Aggressively feminist. Aggressively bitter. Because as long as this aggression stays inside me, all bottled up, my life will continue to be lived in darkness, stewing in its own unthinkable thoughts. 

Sometimes I feel like my real life is somewhere else.

Maybe this blog will help me find it.





31 Jan